Derek Walker - Unique Ability 2008/09

“To create unique innovative solutions that help people tackle challenges in an encouraging and motivational way”.”


Text Box: The life Derek was born to live... 

A natural genius for planning, fixing, building, and somehow, with practical application and cerebral excellence, making things work. Derek is one of the most trustworthy, practical, and down-to-earth of individuals; a cornerstone member of society. Indeed a builder of society. Highly talented having an idealistic nature which is grounded in practical terms, allowing Derek to conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them through to the end. 

Derek has the ability to take orders and to carry them out with dedication and perseverance and to live and work happily in this context. Entrepreneurial by nature and a natural manager in any community. In either role, Derek always demands as much from himself as he does from others, and sometimes a lot more.

Derek has the kind of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness. His honest beliefs and that ever direct speech makes Derek come across as completely unremitting. Once a decision is made, it will be followed through to the conclusion, right, wrong, or indifferent. Derek is very set in his ways and determined to handle things the way he is certain that they should be handled. Derek’s tenacity of purpose and ability to get the job done borders on obsession. He is a wonderful manager with a great sense of how to get the job done, nominated many times for the Working Families, Boss of the Year by his team for three years running!

Derek is an excellent organizer and planner because of his innate ability to view things in a very common sense and practical way. This stems from a strong desire to be a perfectionist in labour. Planning is necessary to avoid errors. It's very likely that Derek invented the to-do list, because it is the rare when Derek doesn't have one by his side. Derek’s life is programmed in an orderly fashion permitting him to catalogue and manage the flow of ideas and activities that fill his head daily. Indeed, he seems to function best when under the gun and facing a tough set of problems.

Loyal and devoted and dependable. If patience and determination can ever win, Derek is sure to bring both into his work.  He supports others to finish what they have started. It may not seem fair and probably isn't, but it may be the key to his successful accomplishment and reputation when working for himself and others.

Derek’s Numerology?  What do you think?

83A New Row




Contact Details:

Derek’s Mobile: +44 (0)7050 117 829